Blue World City


Enjoy get-togethers, birthday parties, or vacations at modern style Blue World City farmhouses equipped with all facilities and luxuries away from the hustles of the world- without breaking your bank.

About Blue Hills Country Farmhouses

Blue Hills country farmhouses are undoubtedly one of the luxurious icons of the real estate industry in Pakistan. Whether you want to enjoy your summer holidays, birthdays with friends, or wedding ceremonies, this is an ideal point that offers privacy, luxury, and spectacular views. 

Booking a plot in Blue World City farmhouses means you are making a powerful connection with nature as the area is surrounded by lush green hills, a water stream, and a huge pile of trees.From a geographical point of view, the place is an excellent spot to spend winter and summer.

Blue World City
Blue World City

 Now you can book 2 Kanals, 4 Kanals, 8 Kanals, and 16 Kanals plots in Blue World City in easy down payments and 40 monthly installments . The well-designed place reflects your eminent standard and is probably a perfect escape from hectic city life. Tameraat professionals offer further ease and convenience along with ideal support.

The professionals have undertaken a project for marketing which is now open for bookings. The booking amount is starting from a 15% down payment and other installments will be payable in 40 months.

If you are interested to book your plot for the farmhouse, call us to know more details.

Prominent Features & Amenities

If you are looking for a sustainable residential society equipped with major amenities and an urbanized lifestyle, then Blue World City farmhouses are an ideal option. The project features a lot of elements that make it an amazing investment.

Some prominent features of blue hills country farmhouses are

Golf course- pure international and high standards

Horse stable and cattle farming

Round the clock service for new or amateur farmers

Uninterrupted provisions of modern facilities to community

Polo ground and riding club

Sports club

If you want to experience high-class facilities at affordable costs, it’s best to invest in the blue hills’ farmhouses designed for common people based on their budget. Also note, that the farmhouses are creatively built and developed close to the Chakri road near Lahore-Islamabad M-2.

Enjoying a countryside lavish lifestyle is possible with Blue World City farmhouses, especially if you dream to live a wonderful life in a luxurious palace-like place, Blue World City Farmhouses are your go-to option.

You can enjoy several amenities and facilities in this royal place, such as fish farming, golf courses, surveillance systems, theme park, horse riding, fruit farming, community centers, and lots of other amazing facilities to make your stay more fun and entertaining

Why should you invest in Blue World City Farmhouses?

Nobody could deny the importance of having a productive land away from the noise and pollution of the city. Not only that, but the place also offers great peace, calm, quietness, and relaxation under trees and greenery. 

Therefore, a place equipped with a central maintenance facility for horses and cattle, instant availability of a central management system, and unlimited provision of facilities and amenities is definitely worth your investment. You can create your own stable, vibrant and natural culture that nourishes your whole body and mind.

The best part is the farmhouses are located near the city, they are just 15 minutes away from Islamabad International airport, and just 5 km away from Chakri interchange. Learn more about the installment plans and down payments from Tameraat professionals.

Blue World City

Exclusive Individual Explanation of Each Block

Blue Hills Country Farms Payment Plan and Plot Prices



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87 Out Of 100

* Tameraat rate each and every project independently based on different criteria for our visitors to have better understanding, where they need to invest their money

Current analysis estimates, this project is one of the safest investment