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A TMA -approved Awami residential complex offering low-cost residential units such as studio apartments, 1- and 2-bedroom flats, 3 Marla plots as well as Duplex villa with 5 years of the repayment plan.

Awami Residential Complex Overview

Awami Residential Complex

Awami Residential complex is a joint venture of Imperium Group of Companies and Blue Group of Companies launched in April 2020 with a vision to provide affordable housing plans with 5 years of installment plans. Now you can book a wide range of residential units at Awami residential complex including studio apartments, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, 3 Marla Awami plots, and Duplex villa.

You can book your desired apartment at budget-friendly costs and enjoy real-life luxuries without spending a fortune.

Awami residential complex in Lahore is also a TMA-approved association that further makes your investments secure for a lifetime. It is located next to Bahria Town Lahore and at service road with direct access from Raiwind road.

Awami Residential complex offers the lowest confirmations, 10% down payment, and 40 monthly installments. Mosques, play areas, water filtration plants, hospitals, and 24 hours emergency services further make the place and an ideal investment opportunity for residents.

How to reserve your plot in Awami Residential Complex ?

If you want to reserve your plot in the Awami residential complex, it’s time to call Tameraat that helps you book your dream home in a serene environment. The experts guide you throughout the process and remove all the hassles away from your booking procedures. Please note that you need the following documents to book your plot in Awami Residential Complex:

Duplicate copy of applicant’s CNIC

Copies of ID card of next to kin.

1-2 passport size pictures

Fill out your application form.

Submit the booking costs in form of a cheque or cash.

Do not waste any more time waiting for a more reasonable scheme, as this is probably the most reliable and low-cost investment packed with world-class facilities and lifestyle.

Awami Residential Complex

Facilities Offered by Awami Residential Complex

Elegant apartments

Unparalleled location

Legal and TMA approved

Easy installment plans

Types of Awami Residential Complex Apartments


Studio apartments


1-bed family apartments

Awami Residential Complex

2-bed family apartments

Awami Residential Complex

3-Marla Awami plot

Prototype Floor Plans of Awami Residential Complex

Following are the prototype floor plans of Blue Town Awami Residential Complex

Exclusive Individual Explanation of Each Block

Awami Residential Complex Installment Plans and Prices

The installment plans and prices are set at low-rates by the Blue Group of Companies. It is a 5-yearly payment schedule. The payment plans for Awami Residential Complex are as follows



31 Out Of 33


29 Out Of 34


30 Out Of 33


90 Out Of 100

* Tameraat rate each and every project independently based on different criteria for our visitors to have better understanding, where they need to invest their money

Current analysis estimates, this project is one of the safest investment