Phase 8, Bahria Town Islamabad

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Invest in the 4.5 years of installment plan in the façade structure of Zem Gardenia. With 27 floors, 433 apartments, and a 20% down payment, Zem Gardenia offers a guaranteed 22% return. For Bookings, call Tameraat!

About Zem Gardenia

Let’s invest in the best. Especially if you are looking to build your dream home in prime locations of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, then nothing could beat the panoramic views of Zem Gardenia launched by Zem Builders. With modern luxury apartments comprising a family club, community hall, infinity pool, mosques, 24 hours security, emergency response facilities, health centers, and shopping centers, Zem Gardenia is an ideal place for residential and commercial use.

If you want to get massive returns in the future, it’s the best investment opportunity for the investors of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

You can get 12% discounts on rent every year with a 20% down payment in just 4.5 years of investment plans. Still confused?

 Call our experts at Tameraat and get a detailed overview before investment.

Zem Gardenia

Packed with Modern-Day Amenities

Electricity backups

World-class finishes

Hi-tech elevators

24/7 surveillance and security

Health centers

Spacious parking

Clubs and swimming pools

High-quality fittings

Inspired from Ancient Architecture

Did you know the façade of Zem Gardenia is inspired by ancient architecture? It reflects the concepts of lush gardens of Babylon, shared courtyards, and exotic fauna and flora. It offers a real splendid combo of nature, comfort, and style. The well-lit area promises to deliver a high-standard lifestyle in the luxurious locality.

Zem Gardenia also features townhouses that offer custom experiences to residents. These are less than the villas and have more than one floor. You can enjoy your own privacy and comfort in serene and secure environments.

Zem Gardenia
Islamabad Square

Lavish Interiors and Splendid Lifestyle!

Tired of old, colorless, and boring interiors? Zem Gardenia presents lavish interiors for your splendid living that adds real value to your lifestyle. It features contemporary design apartments that are available at reasonable prices. The open bright spaces, air-conditioned areas, and fully secure environment make you feel extraordinary even on days when you feel worse.

You can enjoy the privilege of having a smart building and architectural design that makes it a top-notch living space.

The Tallest Residential Building with 27 Floors

Located at Bahria Oriental Garden, Zem Gardenia claims to be one of the tallest residential buildings that feature 27 floors. The scattered gardens are connected to townhouses with a mix of old and modern construction techniques.

You can enjoy the lush green views of golf courses and picturesque views of the beautiful Takht-pari forest. It establishes your connection with nature, so what’s your excuse to give up that awesome investment opportunity?

Connect with Tameraat professionals to know how the process works and how can you get more return on investments by choosing Zem Gardenia.

Zem Gardenia

ZEM Gardenia Floor Plans



22 Out Of 33


29 Out Of 34


32 Out Of 33


83 Out Of 100

* Tameraat rate each and every project independently based on different criteria for our visitors to have better understanding, where they need to invest their money

Current analysis estimates, this project is one of the safest investment