Main Srinagar Hwy, Islamabad

An epitome of luxury and heaven for adventurists to enjoy fascinating vacations! Featuring lavish suites, dine-in, entertainment, shuttle services, retail, and what not!

Signature Hotels & Residence an Overview

Signature hotels & residences ooze opulence, luxury, and sophistication with an elegant interior, high-quality apartments & suites, serene surroundings, recreation opportunities, and much more. It is one of the mega real estate projects in Islamabad located at Top City 1, making it a stunning place for adventurists and tourists.

The place is well-equipped with world-class hotel rooms and suites that give the comfort of your own home. You can invest in this lucrative project from 21 lac with a 25% down payment and a 4-year easy installment plan.

The project is marketed by Tameraat professionals that offer secure complete security and guarantee on long-term investments.  Contact us to know what makes a project a sound investment opportunity for you.

Features Of Signature Hotels & Residence

Luxury Suites


Shuttle Services

Retail Area


Yoga and gym

Health care unit

Furnished hotel suites

Recreation facilities


Signature Hotel & Residence

Spacious Hotel Apartments and Suites

We all want to stay in a luxurious place equipped with world-class amenities. So why not treat yourself and the family to a place where you can get everything under one umbrella? Think about the green & serene views, 5-star luxury hotel apartments & suites, glamorous surroundings, and all high-class recreation facilities, and wonderful rooms where you can get all the latest day luxuries that surpass any facility you could get at other societies. 

This rapidly emerging locality is not only equipped with high-end amenities but also features a spectacular architectural design that sets it apart from other societies in twin cities. 

Extraordinary elegance, flaunting views and modern bedroom suites are specifically designed to leave you in awe. Fully furnished hotel suites and bedroom apartments with attached bathrooms add more comfort and charm to your lifestyle. Combined with exquisite dining halls, 24 hours security, and uninterrupted availability of power, electricity, and gas makes Signature Hotels & Residence a remarkable opportunity to invest.


Signature Hotels & Residence is located at an ideal place on Main Srinagar Highway, Islamabad. It is 300 meters away from M-1 and M-2 motorways and 3 kilometers distant from CPEC, New Islamabad Airport, as well as Rawalpindi Ring Road Project. Since the place is accessible from easy routes, Signature Hotels & Residence is best for tourists and residents.

Signature Hotel & Residence

Developers and Owners

The project is mainly developed with the collaboration of three big real estate giants. 

J7 Group

J7 Group is a combined effort of qualified and experienced professionals who have earned a big name and reputation in the real estate world. Due to their remarkable contributions, the project is currently getting tremendous popularity in twin cities.

Signature Hotel & Residence

Sign Marketing

Sign Marketing is also contributing to the success of this project by creating and executing impeccable marketing strategies to sustain its reputation in the dynamically growing internet world. They are building its reputation by implementing strong marketing solutions.

Ahmad Riaz Associates

Ahmad Riaz Associates are experts in building residential and commercial architectures and interior design projects. They have added a unique blend of aesthetic and analytics to make the project a big win.

Signature Hotel & Residence

An Exquisite Epitome Of Festive Atmosphere

Signature Hotel & Residence

Starting From 393 SQ.FT

Signature Hotel & Residence

Starting From 550 SQ.FT

Signature Hotel & Residence

Starting From 995 SQ.FT

Floor Plan

Signature Hotels & Residence sprawls across 6,000 square meters (12 Kanal) and features a residential spot with 21 highly luxurious floors, with lavish facilities and amenities. The artistically designed building includes two ground levels, 3 spacious parking lot basements, as well as 21 floors specifically dedicated to shops, apartments, and other facilities.

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95 Out Of 100

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Current analysis estimates, this project is one of the safest investment