Sector B-17, Multigarden Islamabad

Enjoy the plentiful investment opportunities at the fast-paced project launched by Ovaisco & Century Builders in B-17 Islamabad, ranging from single, double, triple, and tetra luxury apartments will all basic life amenities.

About Islamabad Square

Beautifully laid out floor plans, elegantly designed architecture, state-of-the-art interiors, and equipped with all modern amenities- yes, we are talking about the luxurious Islamabad Square apartments located in the beautiful sector B-17 Islamabad. The project is launched by Ovaisco. Builders, and marketed by the famous Tameraat group, popular for all real estate investments.

The huge atrium is still under development but is available for bookings and investments.  If you are looking for comfort, style, luxury, and functionality all under one umbrella, Islamabad Square is probably the best opportunity for investors.

Islamabad Square
Islamabad Square

What Does Islamabad Square offer?

Opportunities for Lavish Lifestyle!

Yes, Islamabad Square provides an opportunity to taste luxuries to all those people who dream of a lavish lifestyle without spending a fortune on expensive residences and societies. You can experience better life amenities encircled by gyms, parks, health centers, shopping malls, mosques, offices, schools, and everything around. The place also features local area halls for organizing parties, meetups, and get-togethers. 

If you want to book your apartment at Islamabad Square, you need to consult with Tameraat professionals who help make the process easy and streamlined.

Modern Day Amenities in Islamabad Square

Health centers

Electricity backups

Atriums and skylights

Garbage disposal system

Community’s hall

Earthquake resistivity

Spacious car parking

Emergency exits

Ladies’ mosque



24/7 maintenance services

Islamabad Square Location on Map

This private apartment complex is located in the wonderful area of B-17 Islamabad which is known as a commercial hub due to all modern-day amenities and features. The project is only 6 km away from Margalla Road and 45 minutes from Faisal Masjid. Islamabad International Airport is also in proximity within 35 minutes, as well as 25 minutes away from Kashmir Highway.

Islamabad Square apartments feature all kinds of conveniences and luxuries that increase the value of a property. The apartment has various offices around, schools, markets, shopping destinations, hospitals, and much more that make it a lucrative investment option for buyers. Associated with motorway and zone II of ICT makes it an ideal place for residents.

Floor Plan- Overview

Unlike traditional projects that have similar floor patterns, Islamabad Square presents unique flooring infrastructure as each apartment features at least one lavish and large balcony that maintains the flow of air and makes the apartment warm in colder months. 

Its first floor has one-bed and two-bed apartments that range from 440 sqft to 1130 sqft in area. The total costs for the first, second and third floors start from Rs. 8,000 per square foot. And prices for the fourth floor and upper portions will start from 6500 per square foot.

Payment Plan

Pre-Launching Payment Plan

Payment Plan- IslamabadSquare

Current Payment Plan

Payment Plan- IslamabadSquare

Development Progress



26 Out Of 33


24 Out Of 34


30 Out Of 33


80 Out Of 100

* Tameraat rate each and every project independently based on different criteria for our visitors to have better understanding, where they need to invest their money

Current analysis estimates, this project is one of the safest investment