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It’s not easy to find amazing investment opportunities in real estate especially when you have overwhelming options out there. Finding a reputable property with standardized residential amenities, reliable legal status, and competitive pricing plans is not possible without the help of a recognized real estate agency in Pakistan. That’s the reason, you need a trustable agency like Tameraat to deal with every issue.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, tenant, or renter, we hunt for a perfect property for you equipped with all the amenities, features, facilities, and frameworks.

No matter if you want to book a plot in Parkview city Islamabad or a luxury apartment in Zeta 1 mall, we help you make the best property decision that positively impacts you and your family in the future.


We have a Wealth of Experience in the Luxury Property Market:

Did you know what sets us apart from others in real estate?
We have years of proficient knowledge and experience in the luxury property market. We have been managing several
projects and countless residential societies located in the center of commercial activities in different popular zones of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Tameraat is led by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who live, breathe, and talk properties 24/7. We incorporate an innovative approach for your property decisions so we can achieve the best possible results in no time.

We serve the community with efficient buying and selling and helping them make the right property investments aided with modern technologies and unparalleled services.

Our Core Values

At Tameraat, we are focused upon

A customer-centric service

Bringing positive energy to everything we do

Working hard and smart to get things done timely

Being a team player and helping achieve big milestones in real estate

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When you decide to work with Tameraat for your real estate needs, you are making the best decision of your life as we are one of the trusted real estate professionals in the market. We are passionate about making powerful deals in property and we are absolutely concerned about your investments. We do everything in our power to provide the best help so we can turn your property goals into reality.

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